Wednesday, 6 February 2013

17 to 29 January - Singapore

During my stay in Singapore I stayed with Jane, Darren and Bronwyn who are now living there. During the week days I went wandering round Singapore especially going to the parts that I remembered from the 60’s when I used sail into the port here. I can honestly say that nothing is the same as it was then, every thing was different especially with the new buildings to be seen. Not much of the city was recognisable, the street names being most of what I recognised. When the family was not working we went to The Night Safari at the Zoo, Sunday brunches at hotels, Chinatown and the Chinatown Heritage Museum, a ‘Duck’ ride round Marina Bay, to the top of the Marina Bay Sky Park, the Art and Science Museum which had separate displays of the Fujian's and the Art of the Brick (this was the lego brick and not the house brick as I expected), Sentosa Resort and Spa and many hawker centres to eat various meals.

Bronwyn eating

Bronwyn drinking red wine

Singapore skyline
The Singapore Lion

Singapore skyline

Marina Bay Sky Park with ArtScience  Museum in front

Marina Bay Sky Park

Roof of the Marina Bay Sky Park

Marina Bay Sky Park

View from the Marina Bay Sky Park

Singapore River          
Singapore River
Singapore River Now

Singapore River as I remember it in the 60's

The ArtScience Museum and The Art of the Brick Exhibition photographs below. All made out of lego bricks, except me!

Tiger Balm Gardens (Haw Par Villa)


1925 Buick California Hardtop

Preparing and rehearsals for Chinese New Year

On 29 January 2013 I left Singapore to return to the UK.

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  1. Yes Singapore was an amazing place to visit, an incredible skyline
    But its like every place visited, its always changing, sometimes I ask is it a good thing ?
    I guess what I think doesnt really matter
    It has some truly incredible buildings
    I wonder if anyone has done a base jump from the Sky Park ?
    That would be an incredible expirience
    Things looked good for the New Year preparations, and when did these people need a excuse to celebrate, even the one in London was good this year, the dragon was excellent, gaudier than other years